Dnd Languages 5e (5th Edition)

Dungeons and Dragons is a versatile game that lets players role-play fictional characters. Since this is a fantasy game, there are many imaginary characters that belong to various races. Also, each race comes with unique abilities in DND. Many languages are also spoken by the characters of DND. In the world of DND, 5e languages can aid you to talk with other players who would have assumed different races. 

Dnd Languages

  • Common

Common language is spoken by Humans and most of the races can speak this language, to begin with. The script is also a common script. It is one of the most used 5e languages. The common script is also used by Halflings but they are very rare.

  • Dwarvish

Dwarvish is spoken by dwarves as the name suggests and its script is called by the same name. Others rarely speak this language out of the dwarves’ race. The dwarvish script is used by many other races and hence it is a special script that is used widely.

  • Giant

Giant is a language typically spoken by giants and ogres and its script is Dwarvish. It is also widely spoken by Goliaths and Firbolgs.

  • Elvish

Elves speak the Elvish language and the script is also known by the same name. Elvish language is considered to be musical since it is associated with the fey world. Half-elves also speak this language usually.

  • Goblin

The typical speakers of this language are goblinoids and it has the script of Dwarvish. Typically, goblins and goblinoids can understand common language to some extent.

  • Orc

Typically, Orc language is spoken by Orcs and has the dwarvish script. This is considered to be a harsh language among the other languages.

  • Gnomish

Gnomes speak the standard language of Gnomish which has a dwarvish script. This language can be used by deep gnomes and generally, they know both this language and under common.

  • Halfling

Halflings speak the language of halflings and it has a dwarvish script. But the written form is very rare to come by. Also, they tend to use common with other races since they don’t teach Halfling language to others.

Standard Languages in Ravnica in 5e DND

Ravnica’s setting belongs to the campaign setting Magic: The Gathering. The standard languages seen in the Ravnica setting are given below.

  • Celestial
  • Kraul
  • Draconic
  • Common
  • Loxodon
  • Abyssal
  • Minotaur
  • Sylvan
  • Sphinx
  • Vedalken
  • Elvish
  • Merfolk

Common Language in the DND 5e!

Most of the races in dungeons and dragons can speak a language called “Common”. Whenever a player assumes a race, he will inherently know one language by default. An additional language will be known by each character player depending upon their background. There are many different races in DND like humans, Halflings, Kalashtar, and elves. Common is the main language that is used by five nations in dungeons and dragons. Some exotic languages are also present in this fantasy role-playing game. These exotic languages can be spoken by mostly creatures that cannot be played. 

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Speak an exotic language with DM’s permission!

The importance of languages in a campaign setting is generally decided by the Dungeon Master. Languages can be used to spice up the game and make it fun for everyone. The race of your character will decide the language that you can speak. Depending upon the background you choose, you will also get to speak another language. However, with the permission of your DM, you can speak even an exotic language of your choice. You will always know and speak “Common” when you start. These languages will also have a script form. Let us see about the various standard languages and exotic languages spoken by the races of DND.

Race or Class-Specific Languages

Thieves Cant

Thieves’ Cant is a language that has no written form but is verbal and physical. It is a secret language and it can be spoken by the player with the DM’s permission. It was first mentioned in Player’s Handbook.


Monsters Manual first mentioned this language Aaracockra. Aaracockra is a bird-like race that can soar in the skies. They speak the language of Aaracockra along with common and auran.


5e languages are many in number and were introduced for the first time in the fifth version of DND. This was first introduced in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Gith is spoken by both Githyanki and Githzerai in two different dialects and accents. Tir’su is the name of the writing system of the Gith language.


This Druidic is also a language spoken by Druids in Forgotten Realms. It has its own script using the alphabet. The druidic language was not taught to any other than the druids since it was forbidden.

Exotic languages

5e languages contain many exotic languages which can be spoken only by isolated groups or specific groups. They are very rare to come across unlike the standard languages. The exotic languages found in the fifth version of DND are given below.

  • Celestial

The speakers of this celestial language are typically Celestials and their script is also known by the same name. The language is considered to be a beautiful one and used by angelic entities. However, the language is very different from the standard languages since their origin is alien to humanity. 

  • Abyssal

Abyssal which is one of the 5e languages is spoken by Demons and the script is known as Infernal. It was first introduced in the player’s handbook.

  • Deep Speech

Deep Speech is spoken typically by Aboleths and Cloakers. It is very difficult for mortals to speak this language since it originated in the far realms. It is considered a language of aberrations and involves gurgling and other unpleasant things.

  • Draconic

Dragons, Dragonborn and Kobolds typically speak this draconic language. It sounds like hissing and consists of hard consonants and sibilants. It has Lokharic script and the language has dialects too.

  • Infernal

Devils typically speak this infernal language and the script is infernal too. The infernal language belonged to a subtype of devils known as Baatezu. It is considered to be of alien nature.

  • Undercommon

Undercommon is spoken by Underworld traders and uses the Elvish script form. All the intelligent creatures of Underdark speak this language which is mostly based on the Drow language.

  • Sylvan

Fey creatures use this language and it has the Elvish script. It was also introduced for the first time in the Player’s handbook. The language is not written mostly and is considered to be a language of nature. It is very old and spoken by the nature spirits.

  • Primordial

The typical speakers of this Primordial language are Elementals and the script form of this is Dwarvish.

Primordial Language in 5e DND

The 5e languages were changed a little bit and the change concerns primordial language. Actually, there were four different languages named Auran, Aquan, Ignan, and Terran. Each of them belonged to four different elemental planes. However, with the fifth edition, this rule was changed. Now all these four languages are considered to be four different dialects of the same language. Thus all these dialects can be understood by all the creatures belonging to the elemental planes. But the Dungeon Master can decide whether or not they can understand each other while playing the game.


Ignan is typically spoken by fire-based creatures and has Dwarvish script form. 


Terran is spoken typically by Xorns and earth-based creatures. The script form of Terran is Dwarvish. 


Air-based creatures speak the language of Auran. This also has the Dwarvish script form.


Water-based creatures typically speak the language of Aquan and it has a Dwarvish script.

Human languages of Forgotten Realms

There are many 5e languages in Forgotten Realms which are seen in Swords Coast Adventurer’s Guide. However, they require the permission of GM. All the languages belong to Faerunian languages and Common is included in these languages. Thorass alphabet is the commonly used script form for this family of languages.

  • Damaran
  • Alzhedo
  • Dambrathan
  • Guran
  • Waelan
  • Untheric
  • Mulhorandi
  • Thayan
  • Shaaran
  • Rashemi
  • Shou
  • Bedine
  • Chondathan
  • Halruaan
  • Illuskan
  • Turmic
  • Roushoum
  • Chessentan
  • Uluik
  • Tuigan

Languages of Eberron

Eberron is a campaign setting in the fifth version of Dungeons and Dragons which has many 5e languages. Abyssal, Aquan, Common, Terran, Azhani, Celestial, Daan, Daelkyr, and Quori are some of the languages of Eberron. There are many others which include Primordial, Risiar, Riedran, Sylvan, Sahuagin, Elven, and Gnoll. Even Giant, Goblin, and Infernal are also seen in Eberron. 

  • Demons of Sharavath speak the language of Abyssal. 
  • While Argon is spoken typically by Argonessen and Seren, Daan is spoken by Formians. 
  • Ravids typically speak Irial which uses the Draconic script form.  
  • Risian is spoken by the ice-based creatures while Syranian is spoken by the syranian Angels. 
  • Quori is spoken typically by both Quori and Kalashtar. 
  • With old common script form, Riedran is spoken by the lower classes of Sarlona.


5e languages in dungeons and dragons make the game more interesting. Giant, Undercommon, Goblin, and Draconic are considered to be the most useful languages to learn. Comprehend languages in DND can be made use of it to understand any language while playing the game for an hour. We hope this article was useful in knowing the languages in the fifth version of DND!